Covid-19 Policy.png

The health and safety of myself, my team and my clients are TOP priority! We reserve the right to refuse services if unsanitary conditions exist and/or contagious infections are present. By booking an appointment, you understand and acknowledge that services will NOT be provided where any contagious infections such as pink eye (conjunctivitis), cold sores/fever blisters, and/or COVID-19 are present and there shall be no refund of any retainer paid. Please refer to the “Safe Working Conditions” contract clause and or invoice.  


If your event cannot legally take place due to a state or federally mandated shutdown, your event may be rescheduled to a new date at no fee and the original retainer will be transferred to a new date- subject to availability. If you are legally able to host your event, but have to reschedule for other reasons, your event can be rescheduled but your original retainer will be lost and a new retainer of $100 will be required to secure a new date. For any weddings, that are rescheduling to a new year, please understand that a rate change may be applied toward your wedding total. 

Day of Event, On-site Services:

Please have a separate area for the artists to set up and complete makeup application. Space must be at least 6 feet away from others and gathering or congregating around the artist and/or client is not allowed. If there cannot be a separate area for the artists, please ensure everyone is wearing a mask during the presence of the artists and remain 6 feet away. A face shield, in lieu of a mask, is recommended if makeup has already been done.

Jaded Beauty genuinely appreciates you for following the safety guidelines. During these times, I understand that there are many inconveniences with trying to plan things out, but I simply love what I do and want to continue working to serve as many people as I can, while personally feeling safe and comfortable to go home to my loved ones!

Thank you for your support!